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Lott's High Strength Lintels will save you time and money while providing a excellent finished project. We offer a large range of sizes, complete with 12" Load Tables and section properties for use by designers. We ship Lintels, Sill, Concrete Block, Stucco, Sand, Mortar, Rebar and Cement – six days a week.

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Apex Load = (.33) (W) (L) = .33 (32psf/2) (48"/12) = 43#FT Capacity of 6X8 lintel with effective span of 48" (from load table for live loads) = 858#/FT Therefore, the lintel has significant excess capacity, if superimposed load is located within apex area, then refer to the load tables to ensure sufficient capacity. 1. Reinforcement rods (A 1 ...

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Safe load table notes General Notes Materials product description • f'c 8" precast lintels = 3500 psi • f'c 8" prestressed, 6" and 12" precast lintels = 6000 psi • f'c 4" precast lintels = 3000 psi • Grout per ASTM C476 f'g = 3000 psi w/maximum 3/8 inch aggregate and 8 to 11 inch slump. • Concrete masonry units (CMU) per ASTM C90 with


City of Chicago, the load tables, details and examples cannot be expected to address every possible condition. The applicability of any detail or framing plan must be made with consideration of the actual porch configuration and required load transfer. For conditions that are beyond the applicability of the framing shown and load tables provided,

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The bearings for the lintels shall not be less than 150mm. Load Span Tables for Reinforced Lintels Capacity for Floor & Roof Loads Capacity for Floor & Roof Loads Ultimate load bearing capacity has been established via independent testing by a notified body in accordance with EN 845-2 and EN 846-9. Safe Load Capacity2 Ultimate Load Capacity1


LINTEL WEIGHT KG PER METRE 14.27 19.38 32.20 35.61 22.91 30.91 30.91 45.59 45.59 42.19 63.83 63.83 Ptown above arremenfworking loads indicatr rat each end. Our lintels arrrange of lengths and can be cut to rred. Lengths indicated * are not available in all section sizes The safworking loads indicatgrrtre goverbr The safworking loads


Precast concrete lintels are manufactured to modular sizes, having specified dimensions corresponding to the concrete masonry units being used in the construction. A modular lintel length should be specified, with a minimum length of the clear span plus 8 in. (203 mm), to provide at least 4 in. (102 mm) bearing at each end (ref. 1).

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The span of a beam is dependent on a few variables. The species of lumber, size of lumber and the load it carries. Fewer posts on upper level decks are typically more desirable to the occupants and this drives the use of larger framing materials for longer spans.

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Our precast and prestressed lintel premium range are the only concrete lintels to have been awarded a BSI Kitemark. It also includes a high-strength option where there are exceptional load requirements. Featuring the Supreme superior concrete technology – both precast and prestressed lintels are manufactured with a textured finish.


3,000 psi. Load tables are the same for each unit weight. Figure 1—Precast Lintel Design Parameters 8" MIN. BEARING LENGTH SPAN LENGTH (CLEAR OPENING + 8") CLEAR OPENING SUPERIMPOSED UNIFORM ULTIMATE LOAD 5110 W US 24 | Logansport, Indiana 46947 Phone: 574.722.2644 | Fax: 574.722.5614

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same time. Typical load combinations for lintels are presented in Table 1. A'able 1 —Load Combinatioås Deaddoad 2.,DeåW+ '(rooflivezload or snowdoad or rain load) Arching Action In some instances, the masonry will distribute loads so that they do not act on the lintel. This is called arching action of masonry and is based on the amount of ...

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These values assume that the safe superimposed load is composed of 60% dead load and 40% live load. In some cases, loads in excess of those shown can be accommodated by modifying the general parameters such as concrete strength and/or reinforcing patterns. MATERIAL PROPERTIES Concrete: Compressive Strength Final (28-day) = 5000 psi (Precast)

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Leaders in the precast industry. Products and services for the building industry. Cast-Crete is the largest manufacturer of precast lintels and sills in the nation.

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Florida's quality supplier of car stops, custom precast and coping, mortar mix, polyfilm, precast lintels, rebar, rebar fabrication, sand, sills and wire mesh Technical Info Most structural loading questions can be answered by viewing or downloading the product information listed below.

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Use the Hi-Spec reference on our load tables (e.g. S5) Fair Faced Range - (pages 9, 10 & 11) A range of lintels with the same performance and fire rating as the standard Hi-Spec range but with a smooth, consistent colour finish. Finish Type C Fair Faced finish.

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The following sections from the PCI Design Handbook include interaction curves, load tables, and section properties for various precast concrete components. You can access tables from previous editions of the handbook as well as the current edition. For additional explanations on using these tables, refer to the respective handbook editions.

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Use the span tables below to determine allowable lengths of joists and rafters, based on size and standard design loads. You can also use the Wood Beam Calculator from the American Wood Council website to determine maximum rafter and joist lengths.

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Ground snow load, live load = 40 psf, dead load = 10 psf, L/Δ = 360 at main span, L/Δ = 180 at cantilever with a 220-pound point load applied at the end. Girders supporting deck joists from one side only. No. 2 grade, wet service factor. Girder depth shall be greater than or equal to depth of joists with a flush beam condition.

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Carroll's Building Materials High Strength Recessed Lintels will save you time and money while providing a excellent finished project. We offer a large range of sizes, complete with 8" Load Tables and section properties for use by designers. We ship Lintels, Sill, Concrete Block, Stucco, Sand, Mortar, Rebar and Cement – six days a week.


2.2.1 steel placed in precast lintel at time of fabrication astm a615 (grade 60) ... 8 in lintel load table sk3. detail "h" detail "j" prestressed prestressed prestressed

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An all-precast-concrete design simplified construction, reduced costs, and compressed the schedule versus options with traditional masonry and helped the design team replicate the local architectural feel with a more modern and durable solution.

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Florida Product Approval Numbers: FL11383 – Power Box; FL5450– Recessed Door Header; Miami Dade County Product Control Approved n.o.a #18-0212.12

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Lintels are used as headers over block or stone construction building windows, doors and openings. Precast Concrete Lintels 81 E. State Rd. 168 - Ft. Branch, IN 47648 - tel> 812.753.4252 - fax> 812.753.3410 - email> [email protected]

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Equivalent apex load for 8" X 8" Lintel with effective span of 48" Apex Load (.33) (W) (L) - .33{35 pst) (48"112) = 46#/FT Capacity of 4 X 8 lintel with effective span of 48" (from load table for live loads) = 2744 #1FT Therefore, the lintel has significant excess capacity. If superimposed load is located within apex area, then

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Lintel Load Tables; Standard Range. Standard Range Types 0-5. Download Now. Standard Range Types 6-11. Download Now. Fairfaced Range. Fairfaced Range Types 12-17 ...

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with concrete masonry. The discussion, design tables, and design philosophies are intended to assist architects and engineers in the design of concrete masonry and precast concrete lintels and to acquaint builders and contractors with recommended construction methods and details.